Lan Sushi – Pretty Fair Sushi Fare

Let’s be clear by noting that I am not a sushi aficionado. I’ve most certainly made more sushi at home than I’ve ordered from a restaurant. I have only a mild idea of what most things on the menu are. That being the case, this probably won’t be the most informed review ever written. Regardless, it’s my blog, and it was my dinner, and they go together like peas and carrots. … unless you don’t like peas and carrots, in which case you can use your own better metaphor.

Lan Sushi is a hole in the wall, but I think most of the restaurants in Toronto are holes in the wall, so why should that matter? Besides, it’s a fairly nice little hole in the wall. The paint is nice and vibrant. The decor is cute. Everything appears quite clean. And, of course, it’s a sushi place, so the moment you walk in, they’re shouting hello at you.

They seem to do a fair amount of delivery and take-out because I think the cashier spent about 80% of our dinner on the phone taking orders. In fact, one of the chefs had to take our order since she was constantly tied up. Of course, when the chefs did have a spare moment, they put together complementary hand rolls for everyone in the store. A tasty extra if you’re stuck waiting too long or stay there to eat. In fact, the hand wraps might have even been the best part of the meal.

My wife isn’t terribly fond of sushi, so she ordered the teriyaki chicken. I opted for the maki combo a, California rolls, spicy rolls, and shrimp rolls. The teriyaki chicken was decent, but nothing special. The chicken was cooked well, and the sauce was average. The rolls were all fair. None of them jumped out at me in particular, though they were all quite satisfying, and the ingredients all seemed to be extremely high quality and well made. They were mostly well put together, though a few of the shrimp rolls looked like they were trying to use the end of the roll but didn’t have everything quite neat. Not that that affected the flavor at all, or even the cohesiveness. It still held together just fine when picking it up.

I’ve read several other reviews that rave that Lan Sushi has some of the best sushi in Toronto, even if it’s not in the heart of the city. Perhaps it does. Some also note that it’s some of the least expensive in the city, and the prices did seem pretty good to me. With my limited experience, I have so little to compare it to, but I can say this: I’d certainly go back. Heck, I even already recommended some nearby friends give it a shot.

Lan Sushi – 3.5/5
2982 Dundas St W, Toronto
Lan Sushi on Urbanspoon

About Matthew

I am a student and teacher of Christian spiritual formation, currently engaged in Ph.D. work at the Toronto School of Theology and University of Toronto. I also serve on the advisory council for Grafted Life Ministries and occasionally mentor others via various means. For fun, I dabble in multiple unusual art forms, collect gemstones, and read whatever strikes my fancy.
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2 Responses to Lan Sushi – Pretty Fair Sushi Fare

  1. Ashley says:

    Sorry But i have to correct You. This is a sushi place in my neighbourhood… Which as people who know that live in the junction, is not the nicest area. This is a great sushi place and
    Much needed. It is very small and meant really to be a pick up place but It is not a hole in the wall… Lol…

    A hole in the wall would be somewhere that has food you literally get sick from… Or is not clean. LAN is the freshest sushi I have ever eaten, and theyre one of the only places i know where you can actually see the food be prepared infront of you… And, yes, as i said freshest food i know, next to the people i know who work and own ginkos by the airport (mind you I don’t typically touch anything that’s raw)

    • Matthew says:

      This sounds to me like a simple difference in perspective on what constitutes a hole in the wall. Admittedly, the term does tend to carry some negative connotations, but I don’t think it has to. Like I said, most places in Toronto are holes in the wall. If you have a line of shops, it forms a wall. Thus, each shop is a hole in the wall. The external presentation is typically somewhat plain because there’s only so much you can do with a small storefront like that, but that doesn’t mean what goes on inside it terrible. One of, if not the finest Thai place in the US, Renu Narkorn in Norwalk, CA, which received rave reviews from people on both coastlines, was a hole in the wall for most of its life (it’s received a pretty fair upgrade since).

      So just because I said Lan Sushi was a hole in the wall, that doesn’t mean the inside is horrible (as I specifically said in the rest of the review). It just means it has a small, somewhat plain storefront. One could even argue Tiffany’s on Bloor is a hole in the wall…

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